CBS Stories

Step Into the River

Molly Ramos, an InterVarsity Campus staff in East Los Angeles, describes the challenge set forth to IV students from Ezekiel 40 and their dramatic, life-transforming response while attending Fall Conference in 2019.... (read more) 

New Leadership

By way of introduction, let me share with you that my wife, Mary Kay and I (Hal) came to CBS this past summer so I could begin responsibilities as Director. Prior to this year, we have had no direct relationship with InterVarsity or knowledge of CBS.... (read more) 

Hope Filled Future

In addition to providing an update, I am also writing to request your continued support. We need you. There are 5 very specific ways you can contribute:.... (read more)

Ministry Despite Difficulities

CBS began 2017 dealing with the aftermath of a very difficult and impactful decision made by the national office of InterVarsity. That affected morale, scheduling, programming,.... (read more)

Plans to Prosper

We have ambitious plans for 2018, including replacement of Seaside Tents, scheduling of summer programs and events and a re-launch of CBS Family Camp with new leadership....(read more)

Our History

Read stories from Campus by the Sea's past and interviews collected by Steve Stuckey conducted in 2012.