2020 Rates and Policies

CBS serves as a retreat destination and rental facility for scores of Christian churches, Christian non-profits and schools by hosting their youth, adult and family conferences. Following is information on rates and booking policies:


Charges are calculated per person: a product of the number of nights booked multiplied by our nightly camper rate and added to a round trip boat fare to Catalina Island. Fee for a night’s lodging (includes 3 meals per night booked midweek) plus any additional meals requested beyond those included.  Weekend bookings only come with 5 meals standard.  A typical weekend booking for a group of 30 would be $226.00/person (2 x $73.00 lodging + $80.00 round trip boat fare).

Lodging and Meals:

$73.00 a person per night

Includes simple accommodations (modest cabins or tent platforms without electricity or plumbing), guest units have bunk beds with single-sized foam mattresses and each unit has one double-sized memory foam mattress (bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and flashlight), 3 delicious meals per day, access to waterfront recreation (snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc), self-serve recreation (basketball, volleyball, ping pong, disc golf, etc.) and meeting room with media equipment.

Round Trip Fare on Boat Transportation to CBS:

$80.00 per person

Covers passage on passenger ferry to Avalon from the Catalina Express terminals in San Pedro plus water taxi from Avalon out to Campus by the Sea (for groups under 100). Direct to camp boat charter options available for groups 60-99 in size. Travel from Long Beach, Dana Point & Newport Beach can be arranged for extra charge. Ask Guest Service Manager for details.

Large Group Discount on Boat Fare:

$66.00 per person

Groups that contract a minimum of 100 people get $14 off boat charge plus get exclusive charter of a Catalina Express boat that departs San Pedro and delivers group directly to the pier at CBS, no transfer to water taxi required.

Prices for Family* Group Reservations: 

  • Adults (age 13 and older) $73.00/night
  • Children (age 4-12 years old) $56.00/night
  • Infants (under age 4) $16.00/night

Add an additional $80 per person boat fare (or $66/person for groups over 100).

*Child and infant rates only apply to Family Camp Guest Groups where multiple members of same household are attending same guest group event. Church youth groups reserving as a guest group pay the adult rate for all participants except for family of group leader. 

Extra Meal Charges:

  • $7 additional breakfast
  • $8 additional lunch
  • $10 additional dinner
  • $1.50 additional snack

Other Booking Policies

Exclusive use:

Granted to bookings of 200 or more. For groups less than 20 people, please call for a specific quote on boat fares.

Booking Minimums:

Above pricing applies to groups of at least 20 total people staying for at least two nights or more. Single night reservations are possible on weekdays and select weekends. A surcharge for one night bookings might apply. Call camp guest service manager for details.

Statement of Belief:

Reserving groups agree to respect the beliefs of Campus by the Sea, a camping ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA set forth on the What We Believe page of the IV website. Groups agree to do nothing by word or act, or allow any member or speaker to do likewise, that will in any way detract from, or be contradictory to, our stated beliefs.

Organized Meetings:

For all guest group camps as well as CBS program camps, guests are expected to participate in scheduled sessions and activities. Guest groups in developing their program should include regularly scheduled, instructional meetings with qualified instructor. A copy of your program schedule will be needed by the date of your conference.

Travel to Island:

In addition to San Pedro port, boat passage can also be scheduled from Long Beach, Dana Point and Newport Beach for an additional charge. Groups may elect to arrange their own transport to the island. Please call for details.

Charges for boat fare do not include parking charges at boat terminals (about $20 per night).

Individuals traveling separate from group boat reservation must arrange and pay for own ferry to Avalon and will incur a $20 one-way shuttle fee for transport to camp and may be charged charter fee if minimum has not been met.

Special group excursion to quaint tourist village of Avalon can be arranged via water taxi for an additional charge.

Orientation and Medical Release Forms

All attendees of a guest group event at CBS must fill out and sign an Individual Release and Consent Form which is sent in each group leader's packet or can be downloaded using this link:   RTC Release Form Highlighted

Your group members will also benefit from this information on our camp and what to bring:   Orientation Information

Securing Reservation:

Dates are reserved by contract for an agreed upon guaranteed minimum and are secured by a non-refundable 5% deposit.

For more information or to check date availability please contact:  CBS Guest Services at 310-510-0015 or contact the CBS Office (In your email, please include type of group, size, and preferred dates)