Long Beach Marine Institute

LBMI students hands on marine exploration in CBS tide poolsDuring the spring and fall, the Long Beach Marine Institute (LBMI) brings grade school students to Campus by the Sea for an outdoor education program. The LBMI programs are held during the week for three days: either Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. The marine science program consists of classroom lecture time, hands-on outdoor activities and free time. Activities include: nature hikes, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, tide pool study, squid dissection and astronomy.

These programs are all run entirely by LBMI instructors. Campus by the Sea provides the lodging, facilities, meals and equipment. LBMI is the exclusive outdoor education option at Campus by the Sea, so please direct all inquiries about scheduling, registration and programs to the LBMI team. You can find contact and general information at the LBMI website

Catalina Expedition

The Long Beach Marine Institute has recently launched an exciting new day program called the “Catalina Expedition .” It is a one day scientific excursion to Catalina Island aboard their new fully equipped Research Vessel Challenger. The Challenger will take you from Long Beach Harbor to Campus by the Sea, which is the perfect setting for one of the finest outdoor educational experiences available anywhere. Participants will snorkel in a sheltered cove along a rock jetty teeming with undersea life. And they will kayak along Catalina's rugged coastline, spotting seals and sea lions, as they hunt among shoreline kelp forests. Plus they will explore the cove's beautiful trail system that features many of Catalina's unique endemic and endangered species. All equipment, including mask, fins, snorkels and wet suits are provided by CBS.