CBS Podcasts Family Camp 2011


Listed below is information about each of the speakers for the six weeks of Family Camp 2011. Below the speaker label is a listing of each of the talks given with the date, title and length of the talk. Right click on the title and then click save-link-as if you want to download the file to your computer. If you want to just listen to the file, left click and the talk will begin playing in a new tab. If you have questions, contact Shane Sabicer at Campus by the Sea (310) 510-0015 or email: CBS Office


FC #1 June 19-25, 2011—Tim and Susie Theule

Audio Files for Tim Theule

FC #2 June 26-July 2, 2011—Ray and Carol Johnston

Audio Files for Ray Johnston

FC #3 July 3-9, 2011—David and Cherylyn Hegg

Audio Files for David Hegg

FC #4 July 10-July 16, 2011—Howard and Kathy Clark

Audio Files for Howard Clark

FC #5 July 17-23, 2011—David and Carrie Tebay

Audio Files for David Tebay

FC #6 July 24-30, 2011—Gary and Anne Gaddini

Audio Files for Gary Gaddini

Paul and Virginia Friesen—Family Camp Program Directors

Audio Files for Paul and Virginia Friesen
(the Friesens share very similar messages each week. Below are represenative samples of those talks)