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Drought on Santa Catalina Island

[This article was originally written in March of 2014 and has been updated to reflect conditions as of November 2016}The truth be told, though surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Santa Catalina Island is in a permanent state of drought. It is a desert island and over the millennia the native plants and animals have adapted to the low fresh water state of affairs. The adaptation of the human animal to the island climate is still in process.

Meet the Staff--Steve Stuckey

We call him our ghost staff member. He is so invisible that he doesn’t even live on Catalina Island. Since he joined the team in 2004, he has served as the writer for the OTS Crew and our website manager. His name is Steve Stuckey.CBS: Tell us about your involvement with Campus by the Sea.

Caring for the Smartest People in the Room

The Brightest Bulbs on the PorchSome, who have been referred to as the brightest bulbs on the porch or the smartest people in the room, have been at the top of their class since preschool. Many have an alphabet soup of initials after their names to signify their advance academic degrees and the chair positions they hold at elite universities.

Learning by Doing

Catalina Island has a secret non-traditional school that has been in session at Gallagher’s Cove for 62 years. The majority of students—some fresh out of high school or college, others taking a break from academia—think of themselves not as students but as camp volunteers or short term employees. They are people who learn best by doing and pay their tuition with sweat. The majority spend a semester with us. Others stay on for a year or two.

Campus by the Sea Time-Lapse

In the moment it is hard to notice what is happening in the environment around us. Rarely are we still and silent enough to see-sunrise, sunset, waves washing on the beach, wind blowing white clouds overhead. But when we do see, worship of our Creator is a natural response. We hope that the following time-lapse U-Tube video produced by Jake Gosselin will do just that for you. Jake and his wife Kaylee served as worship leaders for Family Camp 2013.

Meet the Staff- Katie Hamman

Growing Up In Lima, OhioKatie Hamman grew up in Lima (like the bean), Ohio. It’s a Middle America city of 38,000 people whose claim to fame is the M1 Abrams Tank that was built for the military there. More recently, the hit television series Glee is set in the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio.

The Legacy Group

They are our parents and grandparents in the faith and Campus by the Sea is their gift to the next generation. On May 10, 2013 we had the chance to invite a few of our long time friends to Catalina for the day. Some are in their eighties. Ken Lincoln just turned 90.  We wanted to say “Thank You” for investing your time, talent, and resources over the decades into making Campus by the Sea what it is today.

Behind the Scenes

Maintaining a retreat and conference center such as Campus by the Sea takes a lot of work. Sun, salt air, and termites take their toll. Thankfully we have been blessed with a young, eager staff team who love to slather paint, sand rust spots, and dig holes in the ground. During the winter months, our crew have painted buildings, repaired bunk beds, and hauled supplies helping us get ready for the 2013 camping season. Our able office team have prepared budgets and processed family camp registrations.

Deserving Paradise-Poem by Kelly Tobin

The intoxication of the ocean greets me Salty, fishy, seaweed linger in my nose The old barnacle encrusted dock, standing steady against the crashing waves The rocky beach tans in the glaring sunshine.The slapping sound of water hitting the rock jetty is soothing The cabins and tents make the camp look cozy The playground is already housing children Men gravitate towards the basketball court, already making teams.