Meet the Campus by the Sea Staff

Her cheery voice is often the first one you hear when you call Campus by the Sea. His strong hand is usually the first one you shake when you get off the boat. Their names are Greg and Wendy Jones. As members of the CBS management team, they have provided stability to the work of Campus by the Sea for the past six years. Together they bring 31 years of camping experience to their assignments, having served at Forest Home before coming to Santa Catalina Island.


Greg’s vocational experience began at age 20 with a body repair shop in his back yard in Yucaipa. Over time that company grew to include a towing service, numerous employees and customers. In the hands-on-university of a small business, he learned to work hard, train and manage his employees, and serve his customers. Many of those same skills are now employed in his role as the Building, Grounds, and Project Manager for CBS. Greg enjoys the variety that his job offers. He gets to be on the waterfront daily, work with boats, hire and train employees, supervise volunteers, and help solve problems. Because the majority of our camp staff are young adults, he also has the chance to invest in the lives of the next generation trying to get a start in life. It is a demanding but rewarding privilege.


The Campus by the Sea office sits like a fishbowl on the lower level of the Lighthouse. It is the nerve center for the camp and Wendy gracefully manages the space. She doles out band-aids, answers the constantly ringing phone, enters data into spread sheets, and balances income and expense accounts all at the same time it seems. A gratifying part of her role is to assist guests on the phone and then to later meet them in person. The hardest part of the job is trying to keep everything in their lives balanced. Conference center work is never ending and staff members are always on call. So Wendy and Greg must discipline themselves to make space for their marriage, their family (they have six grandchildren with another on the way), their friends and coworkers.

Island Life

Santa Catalina Island is like a tiny country with its own dialect and customs. For example, using local lingo, Wendy might say, “The 149 will leave over-town at 3 p.m., stop in-town at 4 p.m. before heading up island to Gallagher’s.” Translated that means, “The Catalina Express passenger boat that seats 149 passengers will leave the mainland at 3 p.m., stop in Avalon at 4 p.m. before heading to Campus by the Sea where the up-islanders live.

Greg and Wendy’s favorite spot on Catalina is the front porch of their cottage called Rock Cod which sits perched on the cliff overlooking the Pacific. If their family is visiting and they want to get away for a mini vacation, they hop in a boat and travel five minutes to the sandy beach at White’s Landing. Their favorite month is September. The weather and water are still warm but the tourist crowd in Avalon thins making it easier to get a table for dinner. Their favorite camp meal is Louie’s Barbecue Brisket.

Not in the Way

For almost sixty years the Lord has used Campus by the Sea to renew and restore individuals through his Word, his people, and his creation. That was true for Greg who first came to camp as a troubled 14 year old. He returned many times as a volunteer and later received help and support during times of personal crisis. Greg came to see the trans-formative power of a sacred place like CBS. As a result, he and Wendy seek to do their jobs in such a way that they are not in the way of the Lord’s work in others. We are grateful for this competent and hospitable couple who are willing to work quietly behind the scenes to serve others.