Meet the Staff--Shane and Susie Sabicer

Sabicer FamilyShane and Susie Sabicer is a name that sounds like it belongs together. It does—for twenty years now.Three words that each begin with “s” in a cadence of one, two, and three syllables. For most of their married life, they have worked as a team in camping ministry. Susie, with her certificate in catering from Orange Coast College, cooked or managed the kitchen, while Shane worked in the main office. Along the way they have had the chance to work in a variety of camp settings. This is their third tour of duty at Campus by the Sea. In between they gained experience at Forest Home, Mission Springs, and Hands of Mercy, an organiztion that builds kit homes for families in Latin America. They have developed a variety of adaptable skills that make them a valuable asset in the vocation of Christian camping.

The Voice

Shane SabicerIf you happen to call the Campus by the Sea office after hours, you will be greeted by a rich resonate voice on the answering machine that will cause you to sit up straight and pay attention. His tone is friendly and his words are clearly articulated.  That same voice also appears on most of the Campus by the Sea videos. You might think that the voice belongs to a professional announcer and you are partly correct. Shane—The Voice—has a degree in Film and Television from Cal State Fullerton. Following graduation from college, he worked for companies that produced industrial and corporate videos. He even got to do a ten month stint on the TV series MacGyver. When he changed careers in 1993, he thought that his days in film might be over. But camps need help in promoting their ministries and Shane’s film production skills have frequently come in handy. He also knows his way around a computer. He recently served on the Propeller Head team to create the new CBS website. As Guest Services Manager for Campus by the Sea, Shane is responsible for coordinating all the groups that use the facility. In addition he is seeking to promote the camp with new groups. He enjoys helping the leaders of the various groups problem solve and he is always looking for ways to make the process of using CBS easier. He has a front row seat in watching the dramatic impact that the camp has on the people who visit us. Individuals become Christians and lives are changed on a weekly basis. He longs to see more groups take advantage of the setting.

Thou shall not live on bread alone…

Susie Sabicerbut a warm, freshly baked loaf certainly makes breakfast at CBS something to look forward to. Susie often has a hand in producing the baked goods from the kitchen where she works part time. Her full time job is mother to their two teens Tyler, age 16, and Carly, age 14. She manages their home school experience with a charter public home school. As a working mom, she has learned how to juggle responsibilities. She longs to help her children, as well as some of their friends in town, make the most of the next few years.

Campus by the Sea is fortunate to have Shane, Susie, Tyler, and Carly Sabicer as members of the team. They, along with the others who serve at Gallagher’s Cove, are eager to make your next stay a pleasant one.