Campus by the Sea sponsors quality programs for a variety of age groups:

College Students:

We were founded as the West Coast training center for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a ministry to college students at universities throughout the United States. Students from schools in Southern California participate in weekend events during the fall months. Week long programs, focusing on intensive bible study, are conducted during spring and early summer. And many campuses also conduct weekend “Fall Cons” in September, October and November. Check with your local IV chapter leadership to register for these events.

Junior High and High School:

Teenagers will enjoy four multi-night sessions to choose from for fun, excitement and spiritual growth. These sessions are for Jr. High and High School age groups, combined. Combo Camps allow student ministry pastors and youth leaders who direct both age groups to come to one program that serves the individualized needs for both age groups. One four-night session in early June and five other sessions in late-July and early-August.

Outdoor Education:

We host the Long Beach Marine Institute during the fall and spring. They conduct marine science programs for school age children. The ultimate, sea-side outdoor education experience in Southern California for public and private schools.

InterVarsity Alumni and Faculty:

Faculty who are Christians on secular college campuses have joined us for a week in August in years’ past , however this Faculty Conference is being held off-site in 2017. A great way for faculty to learn to be more effective witnesses on their campuses. People who have been involved with an InterVarsity Chapter in their college years are encouraged to investigate our week-long Alumni Camp held in July.

Family Program and Vacation Week:

CBS will not be offering family camps this summer, but now offers a No-program Vacation Week. This 5 day, 4 night reservation will not offer any program or child care. This will be a considerably different experience for those who have come to the fully programmed family camps in the past, but many may appreciate the change of pace with no speaker sessions, no small group bible studies or formal children’s program. This week will be similar to going on a family campout together with close friends and family. All the meal prep and menu have been taken care by our kitchen staff. To register or read more click Vacation Week.

For any CBS event, including guest group camps, guests are expected to participate in scheduled sessions and activities.

If you belong to a group of InterVarsity Alumni and would like to program a family event, please contact our Guest Service Manager to investigate booking as a Guest Group.